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EBSCO's Full Text Finder: Journal and Article Discovery Made Easy

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Today’s users expect an intuitive, time-saving experience when searching for journals and articles. With Full Text Finder (FTF) library users enjoy as much. FTF delivers a predictive search experience and includes a host of features from responsive auto-complete ranked by popularity of titles, to known-item search, to full-text linking, relevance ranking, and discipline-specific browsing.

Full Text Finder delivers a modern experience by providing:

  • Seamless Discovery Integration - A single place for users to conduct standard discovery as well as known-item citation lookup in a seamless and integrated manner.
  • Responsive Auto-complete - The most advanced auto-complete technology in the industry. It anticipates what a user is looking for, eliminates the need to navigate an antiquated alphabet directory, and does away with the endless hunt-and-peck browsing to find a specific title. As such, FTF is orders of magnitude faster and more efficient for library users.
  • Publication-Targeted Full Text Search - The ability for users to quickly and easily target their search to the full text within a title.
  • Discipline-Specific Browse - A simplified subject browse with built-in searching, eliminating a place where most users traditionally give up when they try to find titles related to a particular topic.
  • State-of-the-Art Linking - Seamless integration of OpenURL linking and smartlinks that are guaranteed to get users directly to the full text without traditional linker menus.
  • Faceting of Publication Search Results - The ability for users to quickly narrow search results to only those that are most relevant.

To make use of the Full Text Finder interface: >> Full Text Finder or use the Search Our Subscriptions on the Digital Resources at the left menu. Click the "New Search" option when the FTF interface shows up. You may use "Search Options" to limit or expand your search.






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