How do I find the websites of UP units and departments?
You can find links to constituent universities and their respective colleges and departments by accessing the main website. You can also find a list of the UP’s research centers in the UP Links page.

How can I get a UP Webmail address?
Only UP students, faculty and staff are entitled to the free email service. Visit the UP Webmail site for instructions on how to activate your account.

Can I register for classes online?
Students can pre-enlist in available classes through the Computerized Registration System (CRS) sites of each constituent university.

Where can I get news and updates about UP on the internet?
News and features about UP can be found on the websites of the UP Forum and UP Newsletter, official system-wide publications of the UP.

Can I access the UP libraries online?
Yes. Some constituent universities have an online database where you can search the collections of their libraries.