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Digital resources specially online subscriptions of UP Manila are restricted and may only be accessed by UP Manila constituents through IP authentication. This involves that only computers attached to UP Manila network are allowed to access subscribed e-resources. Some of the databases need user and password to be accessed remotely. You may obtain the remote User Password from your College Librarians, otherwise, apply for the Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access service to enable you to access the e-resources from outside of U.P. Manila's network.
Embargo Periods for Online Journals
A length of time that publishers can make authors wait before they are allowed to make their material online or open access. For example, if an author publishes an article in a non-open access journal, the publisher may agree to a version of the article being made available green open access but not until, say, 12 months after the journal has published the article first. The length of embargo periods varies. In general, embargo of between 6 months and 24 months are common to allow publishers to try to sell more print copies before making the the full text available online .


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List of individual e-journals subscriptions of UP Manila (full-text access coverage in parenthesis) :